FED STD 595 is canceled. AMS STD 595 supersedes FED STD 595
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Standard Colors Used in U.S. Government Procurement  
Aerospace Material Specification - Standard 595A
Fan decks are to be used for the purpose of general color representation only. Color calibration is to be accomplished via approved reference color chip. The colors in the standard have no official names. Please use the official colour products for most accurate colour. The color standard products of FED-STD-595 such as fan decks and color chipsets are cancelled February 14, 2017 and are superseded by AMS-STD-595. Please use the official colour products for most accurate colour. 

Set AMS-STD-595A  
fandeck +  supplement fandeck   
(Not available separately)

$ 349,- USD
Including (almost) worldwide
delivery, handling and shipping
Description fan deck 
- with Federal Standard colors from FED-STD-595C
- with 4 new colors: 11330, 15051, 17930 and 25044
- containing a total of 654 color representations
- Index with assignment of color numbers
- new revised edition of June 2016
- on 66 leaves with 10 color fields
- colors are arranged numerically
- color fields each 50 x 16 mm
- contains 4 fluorescent colors
- bound with one screw post.
- fan deck size 5 x 26 cm

Description fan deck Supplement
- with 38 colors of U.S. Pat. Army and Marine Corp colors
- index with assignment of color numbers
- color samples over the entire surface
- fan deck size 5 x 14 cm
- color fields 50 x 120 mm
- 5-digit color numbers
- colors in dull matt

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This website is an initiative of Harzen. Harzen is a trading company in fan decks with its own sales team. We buy and sell color range and is not associated with U.S. Governmet General Services. Harzen is a reseller and delivers the goods (almost) anywhere in the world. If you have questions, comments or suggestions? Please contact us at info@ams-std-595-color.com. By purchasing a fan deck from this site you accept our terms and conditions. Harzen cannot be held responsible in any way for any variance between the colours and those they are intended to match. Fan Deck Color samples are suitable for color identification and selection purposes only. Fan Decks are not approved by DOD for Quality Control Purposes. Use individual Color Chips for Quality Control and precise color matching -- some fan deck colors may be slightly incorrect.The buyer accepts this when the buyer makes an order.
NOTICE OF FED-STD-595C CANCELLATION NOTICE 2 February 14, 2017. Superseded by the new AMS-STD-595.

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